the fastest way to wear your pashmina part 4

do you ever feel that your pashmina is too big for you? or you feel your face looks funny when it's like "stick" to your face and makes your face look too round? let's try this :)

as usual, i would like to remind all of you that the tutorials i wrote in here is not to make you super super beautiful, but i just hope that i can help all of you wear your pashmina / shawl in a fastest and easiest way. i know everyone wants to look beautiful, but in my opinion, covering what you HAVE to cover is the thing that matter most. am i right? hihi

this time, i would like to show you how to get your pashmina looks like this when you wear it. this tutorial works with a quite big pashmina, not for ordinary shawl that is usually smaller.

tadaaaa. okay, ignore the face. i just want to show you what the result will look like. the front will not be too round and stick to your face. and also, it will cover what you should cover at the front (you know what i mean?). at the back, it will not be too long, but still, it covers your neck (as the pashmina is quite thick).

okay now let's start. i will provide you with pictures too, so if you don't get what i write (because my English is not so good) just refer to the pictures.

first step, fold your pashmina like this. the ratio of these two sides is about 1 to 4. and then, put the folded side on your head. put it slightly at the back side (see picture) err..something like, exposing your inner. make sure one side is longer than another. the shorter side should just touch your shoulder. use pin or brooch to secure the shorter side on your shoulder.

then, bring the super-duper long side onto the top of your head. bring the left and right towards each other and pin it below your chin. just like wearing ordinary scarfs.

only a little length remains from the super-duper longer side just now. so, pull the remaining length onto one side of your head (following the original direction of the length just now). pin.

done. see yourself in the mirror and compare yourself with the first picture i put on this post. does it look similar? if yes, then you'd follow these steps perfectly. if no, you may ask me.

thank you :)

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