the fastest way to wear your shawl and pashmina part 3 :)

hello readers :) first of all, i would like to thank all of you for coming here. if you came here because you want to see or read tutorials on how to look gorgeous and beautiful and super-duper pretty in front of others, i am so sorry because i don't write stuffs like that. tutorials that i wrote and write and will write are just simple tutorials, with simplest ways and simplest products. nothing much.

you can also go to these post if you want to see another fast ways to wear you shawl and pashmina:

today, i went through tutorials on how to wear shawls like Diana Amir. we found a lot of tutorials (thanks for those who posted their tutorials on youtube) and i found out that i cannot get actually the same as them. sobsob. so, yeah, i "invented" this one: the simplest way to wear your pashmina and shawl part 3.  as usual, you will only need one brooch to do this :)

okay, please IGNORE THE UGLY FACES. hahahahahhahahahaha. k, serious.

(1)firstly, pin the end of your shawl on the side of your head like this. (2)and then, cover your neck with your shawl and bring it onto the top of your head. you have to make sure that it is tight enough so your neck will be covered. next, pull the other end of your shawl onto the top of your head (again) but this time, make it loose. (3) and pull it in front of your head to cover your inner scaf. (4) fold the edge of your shawl outward (or you can roll it several times) as you like.

the result (drumroll)

 i used the same technique to wear both. hahahaha. oh yes, picture one is how you will look like if you won't fold or roll the edge of your pashmina like i did in step 4.

okay sorry for this terrible tutorial. but, yeah, i hope it helps :)

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