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Frequently Ask Questions about projek #sayapatah

on 9th February 2013, my friends and i are planning to organize an event for third Sayapatah Zine. the main mission of this event is to collect as much writings and drawings as well as pictures from different continents in the world, and compile it into one pdf zine.

it is hoped that by doing this, we can share our wonderful experiences to everyone.

1. what is #sayapatah ?
sayapatah is the title of my first zine that was published in 2010 (---read: published by myself). it contains 20 pages of writings and drawings. sold at reasonable price. for booking, you can click here.

the second sayapatah zine was published in June 2012 (scroll down for info, or click here.)

unfortunately, i have to stop printing and selling these zines (temporarily) as i am currently studying in Dublin. if you are interested to buy or trade by hand, you can see me in Malaysia from July 2013 until September 2013 if God will.

2. what is projek #sayapatah  ?
this will be the third zine. all of you are invited to contribute.

3. how to join?
the project will be held most probably, on 9th February 2012, around 10.30 p.m. GMT+8 (Malaysia) or 2.30p.m. at Greenwich. on that night, tweet your writings / drawings / pictures using the hashtag #sayapatah but you have to make sure that your tweets are unprotect or else it won't be visible to me and i won't be able to include it in the zine.

4. what is the theme?
theme: Continents (Benua); Jarak (Distance), Baru (New) dan Lain-Lain (etc)
do write something related to the theme; no matter how small the relation is.

5. is there any maximum / minimum?
no minimum. 140 characters are enough. that's why you can tweet them. no need to use twitlonger.

6. what language should be used?
English or Malay. Malay language is preferable.

any other questions? if any, please contact me @facebook or tweet @cikrunrun on twitter. thank you :)

as you all know, sayapatah 2 already published on 24th June 2012. and now it's open for trade! and if you want to buy, there will be no problem too.

under construction

these are some info about sayapatah 2 : zine atas kertas (rearranged)

  1. consists of 40++ pages of writings and drawings. most of them were submitted during Projek Sayapatah 2 on 22nd June by more than 20 writers.
  2. some of them have not been published yet anywhere.
  3. you can get the normal version or hard cover version. (ewah)
  4. black and white.
if you are interested to buy / trade, note these.

price: RM 4 ( by hand ) / RM 10 ( sayapatah 1 + sayapatah 2 + postage )
how to place an order: leave a comment here / sms (if you have my number) / email me
cash on delivery: Pontian, Johor area OR Kuala Lumpur (from July this year until September)

thank you :B