the fastest way to wear your shawl (and pashmina) part 2

for part one, please kindly click here :)

okay. before i start, i want to apologize for the "rojak" language that i'll be using throughout this post. i seriously have to practice writing and speaking (and listening, for sure) in English as IELTS is just around the corner. however, due to lack of vocabulary, i have to use Malay terms. i am so sorry for any inconvenience :)

in this post, i'll show you how to wear your pashmina (and any cotton , yang kasar-kasar dan tak licin dan jenis kain yg berat sikit. ordinary pashmina is okay. hehe) using only one brooch. this style i am going to show you is similar to Hana Tajima's style (but not exactly the same, sorry because idk how she wears hers haha). this style is designed especially for those who are just started to wear pashminas and shawls (and for those who are just started to cover your aurah too (: )

oh people please bear with this not-so-beautiful face. haha. okay let's start. just follow the instruction okay.

1. put the pashmina on your head. make sure one side is much shorter than the other side.

2. on the shorter side, pull the inner side (oh my english suck kan haha) and put it on the other side of your head (follow the picture please idk how to explain either in English or Malay).

3. then put your brooch on. this is the only place where you'll need brooch. make sure you can open and close your mouth easily after putting on the brooch. hehe.

4. next, repeat step 2, but this time at the longer side of your pashmina. pull the inner side out.

5. bring the inner side of the longer side of your pashmina to other side of your head. for instance, if the longer side is on the right, bring it to the left. follow picture please, people :)

6. bring it on the top side of your head and just leave the end of the pashmina on your shoulder. no need to put on brooch. this step will only works with pashmina (most of shawl licin dan ringan, tak boleh stay)

in the end, you'll get this :)

and you're a shy person, you also can make it like this.

okay that's all. happy wearing pashmina :)

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