Irish Week INTEC 2011

like i said in posts before this, please bear with my horrible writing skill. ha ha.

last monday, Irish night was held at the Great Hall, INTEC Seksyen 17, Shah Alam. it was the opening night for Irish Week 2011. if i'm not mistaken, it was the first time the event like this was held. as we, the PMC students are going to Ireland next year, Insya-Allah, so we are the one that have to organise this event. as i am from 11M1, which is the only senior class that is taught by our head of program, so it can be said that my classmates and i were the busiest people during the opening night. moreover, the idea of organizing this event was suggested by our ex-class rep.

nothing much to say about the night. we really enjoyed, even though the Irish stew was not enough for everyone. just see the pictures, because pictures can tell a thousand words. :P

riverdance :)

have you heard about a pot of gold at the end of rainbow? well, this is The Leprechaun in that story.
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kau study INTEC ke now ??

itu awesome !! :D