Travel Log Ais-Ais Kacang #13 : KL - Amsterdam - Dublin

Hello Dublin. It had been three months. And now I am back. Thank you for welcoming me with a very warm summer.

My flight from Kuala Lumpur to Amsterdam was on 2nd September, and then from Amsterdam to Dublin on the next day after six hours of transit. I was lost at first, but thank God for sending Arif and Syed, I was back on track again. Haha. Nothing to do, so I just lean against the sofa at the airport and read Arsonist Jalan Labrooy by Riduan A.dullah.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

When i arrived last Monday, there was a cardboard with my name written on it. 'JULIJA'. Two of my friends waited for me with it at the arrival hall. Like I were a tourist. Haha. And then we took a taxi to my new house. We had our lunch together, then we proceeded to moving out my stuffs from my previous house to the new one. It was tiring but fun, added with Mr. Taxi driver who charged us just €10 (excluding fares) for helping us to move out, not to forget his free tap dance show while carrying my bags. Oh yeah moving out is fun. Sounds lifeless. 
Fontana Cafe

Yesterday, we went for a shopping. I could not believe that I carried about 15kg groceries in the shopping bag. It was heavier than my cabin bag! Thank you to my friend for lending us her shopping cart. 
at friends'
That's all for now. And I would like to welcome the juniors to Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Do enjoy the last pieces of good time in Malaysia before you come here!

Ps: goodbyes are way more difficult than hellos. 

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