sayapatah zine by Run Aziluz volume 4

hello guys.

i promise this would be a very short update. i am now entering second year of Medicine in Ireland. too many things to learn in a week. ergh.

just to inform you that my fourth zine has finally released yesterday during the Johor Bahru Writers and Readers Festival in Johor Bahru. i would be glad if you bought the zine already hihi. if you just knew about this and would like to buy, do not worry because my friend in malaysia can sell it to you. just ask.

to those who have questions about the new zine, just kindly mention me at twitter - @runaziluz okay? thanks and please wish me all the best in my study.


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Wenwink Kidu.Duki said...

i had followed ur blog long ago but then i became to know that ur are a future doctor. Good. :)