Travel Log : Ais-Ais Kacang #12 : KLCC I'm In Love

Yesterday was the most memorable day of my life.

We met at half past twelve. We did not have a fixed plan yet. As it was Friday, we rushed ourselves to somewhere you can join Friday prayer, with a good place for me to wait for you. We chose SOGO. I did window shopping while you were praying at Masjid Jamek, one station away from me. Everything went well and smooth at first.

Then we went to one of the scarves shops. I bought thirty scarves and you did not say a thing. I know you already knew that my shopping passion is uncontrollable.

Our main point of going out was actually to buy my books. So we took an LRT to Titiwangsa, thought that it was the easiest way to get to Kamal Bookstore.

Then we walked. But we were lost. And suddenly it was raining cats and dogs. So we stopped under a tree for shelter. You gave me your sweater and asked me to cover my head even I already had my head covered with my scarf. And you were wet all over your body. 

The condition worsened when a driver drove his car insanely fast that water from the road splashed on us. We laughed at each other in the rain. Then we both complaint that we had never have an experience as awful as this with anybody else. 

We were lucky when a taxi driver offered us a free ride to the nearest LRT station. Only then we realized that we already walk from Titiwangsa to Sentul. We took a train to Titiwangsa and started to walk again - this time to the right direction - to Jalan Pahang. But then we lost again. 

Internet was our best companion yesterday.

We took a taxi to The Grand Season Hotel as it was the nearest landmark (besides HKL) from the bookstore. The taxi driver thought we wanted to get a room for Merdeka one-night-stand. I mentally laughed my ass out.

From the hotel, we started to walk to our destination but we did not find the store just yet. Both of us were in great tension that I cried when you suddenly raised your voice. But it was okay. It was all my fault. We were both exhausted physically and mentally.

My luck came again as I had three friends helping me out about the direction via twitter and SMS. At last, we managed to get to the store. The tense slowly eased out. 

It was six in the evening and we did not have our lunch yet. It was my first day of period, so my stomach was aching so badly. But I still managed to control the pain. We enjoyed the scenery of Kuala Lumpur together in the rain while walking along Jalan Pahang to Chow Kit, maybe for the last time before I go back to Dublin. 

We went back to Serdang and had our 'lunch' at 8 p.m. Then you accompanied me home.

It was a long day. Tiring yet memorable. 
Thank you so much

I love you. 

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kocix! said...

nice story,.hihi..sweet2 je.