far far away.


how's life? mine is okay. i'm getting better with this cold weather. but i don't know why since yesterday i got headache. pms maybe. lol.

we had our registration day at Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland on 1st October, and induction day just now. i also bought a labcoat with RCSI badge on it. they say, it's worth it, for 30 euros. isk.

our bank account still not active yet. i don't know how long can we survive with the cash given. matilah tau. GARDA nanti kena bayar 150 euros. okay tetiba cakap Melayu. takpe. kat mana lagi nak cakap Melayu kan. hmm.

actually, i'm feeling a little bit lonely here. especially when it comes to grouping such as The Buddies on the registration day. i don't speak English much. it makes me appear quiet in their eyes, and ears. ahaa. they don't know the real me. ah. i need to speak English more. hmm. tomorrow, an English communication test will be held. i don't want to put a real big hope to pass it, but at least i will try to do my best. if i were meant to be in the English class, i will be okay with that. in fact, maybe it is better for my future, here, and when i get back to Malaysia and start my profession as a doctor.

but yeah... so far, i can still adapt well with the environment. maybe i will need some times to feel comfortable with these numerous English speakers, and their accents.

till we meet again. tomorrow i got neuromuscular class, English test and societies and clubs signing up :O

by the way, it's been a week. and i already miss my beloved ones. and Malaysia. i wore Malaysia jersey to RCSI just now hihik. okbye.

oh okay bye. hee.

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leeYana said...

lonely? iA lame2 ok. even though aku tak faham sgt situasi kau sebab tak rase kan.

aku doakan kau boleh adapt mcm kat malaysia :)

all the best belaja,, and signing club. mcm best je club tu. haha