Random things by akak peraih anak ikan

Hello bloggie bloggie. Long time no see.

As usual, another day passed and i am still here laying in my bed like a boss and still have no idea what will happen in this upcoming weeks. Still no news from the sponsor, means, still a lot of time to spend in bed.

Imma write about random things that cross my mind.

First. About the young blogger who passed away about 3 months ago, Yasmin. I read her blog two days ago. For me, she was a good writer. Not in term of famous storymaker or what. I just like her style. She was just seventeen. And ican feel that her life was just like mine. Hihik. May God bless her and grant her Jannah.

Second. I won the #Ketakutan contest by lejen press. They said, winners were chosen by a software that i dont know what it is. I won the third prize. Ala. First to fifth prize, all got the same prize anyway.

Third. I came across numerous tweets about tiup tiup dalam panggung wayang and nyenyenyenye haha. Omg gelinya. It is just about a young couple named amirulsf and bellomey (search them on twitter) aged 14 and 17. Alahai. What a protective ex (or maybe dah jadi pakwe balik kot). He felt like abang besar lah konon. Ah. Hard to explain. Go and read their tweets lah. I mentioned him in some of my tweets and he replied once only. He said something like 'ingat i ni ayam ayam diorang boleh pijak ke' to me so i replied 'eh you jangan lah jadi ayam. Meh jadi ikan i meh.' Lol.

I am searching for anak ikan anyway. Underage boys are preferable. Nyenyenyenye.

Next. Putera aidil amri, my first nephew just arrived from Perak. He will live with us from now on. But i am going very soon :') he grows very fast. From a thin little baby with very few flesh, to a super chubby babyyyy geram geram geram.

Next. Someone says life is complicated. For me, life is not the one to be blamed. You make the thingssss complicated at the first place. Maybe, now, your life is complicated, but not mine.

Till then, goodbye!

Ps: siapa siapa ada calon anak ikan bawah umur 20, boleh pass kat akak okay? Nyenyenyenye!

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Nur Emilya said...

Nyenyenye, sebenarnya saya tertanya-tanya apa maksud bola kristal what so ever semua tu ._. Tak faham lgsung Haha :D