Flight date confirmed.

Finally. It is confirmed that our flight to Dublin, Ireland (transit in London) will be on this Friday night, from KLIA. Who wants to meet me for the last time before i leave malaysia, do come on the evening, around 6 p.m.

Gahhh all of a sudden. Still not done yet with packing.

Goodbye. I'll be missing all of you so much. *peluk pokok durian*

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saye kerink said...

As Salam. Runnnnnnnnnnnnn!! Byebyebyebye!! Nanti jangan lupa Malaysia okayh! Sampaikan salam aku dekat Ireland! Nanti ada rezeki, aku jejak la tanah Ireland tu. Wahwahwah.

Yayyy happy happy happy kau dapat sambung medicine! Semoga kau dapat survive dengan jayanya! Aminn ;]