"dont expect too much. when it doesn't turn out to be what we expected, it will hurt so much"

i'm trying not to expect too much for tomorrow. as long as i'll be happy in my future life, then its okay.

i know what i did, i know how much effort i gave. and i realize that what i'll get tomorrow depends on what i did yesterday, and today, with a pinch of luck and magic, maybe. i'm not so sure about the magical thingy. i'd never witness such a magical event or anything related to magic yet.

i hope the 'magic' occurs tomorrow.

please don't bother to ask if its okay or not. you may know, based on what i'll do tomorrow. if you see me laughing happily and grinning from ear to ear, you know that all my efforts and struggles paid wonderfully.

and if not, you know what it means.

wish us all the best, people. thanks!

ps: i need a girl best friend. pretty please cherry on top.

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nazu said...

Esok result Edexcel keluar. GOOD LUCK !!!! ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!! :)

[ p/s. even though my AS Maths results dah tak berguna dah, doakan juga. For my personal satisfaction. Hehe :3]