how to make a boxman


okay, as promised, here are the steps you have to follow to make a boxman. it may not be a perfect one, but, yeah, still looks like a boxman XD later, i'll write about my really big expense today huhu.

kindly follow the pictures provided, okay?

1) all you need to make a not-so-perfect boxman are, manila card (A4 size is enough), a pencil, a good eraser, a ruler, a glue, cutter / scissors, pens (optional) and a pair of hands. LOL. firstly, make some measurements on your manila card. don't worry to use a very dark coloured pencil (for instance, 2B) because it won't be visible after you fold it ^_^ like me, for the head, the widths of the bigger rectangles are 7cm, the height and "thickness" are 3cm. make sure to have some spaces to put on glue (so that your "head" will stay in place). cut and fold according to the lines (the lines inside). the head part is done.

2) same thing. make measurements, but this time is for the body. i used 5cm for the length (height) and width, because of the same length, the body will appear square from the front. i used 2cm for thickness. and still, make some spaces for pasting. fold and glue.

3) i didn't glue all parts together. i left the upper part of the body, and it can be opened and closed. i just pasted the upper surface of it on the head.

4) draw face! :B

5) i was too lazy to make its hands and feet, so i just cut some papers and paste. huhu.

goodluck :)

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