You may procrastinate but the Angel of Death will not.

hello readers.

how's weekend? ahaa. i know it's quite late to talk about weekend today. today is tuesday, second day of study week. and i already lost track of what day it is. haha. usually, i'll only remeber the day (and date, of course) if i have class. hmm. study week, huh? more to gaming week for me :/

procrastinating all day, my weekend was started with a not-so-long video conversation with my friend, followed with some minutes of camwhoring with the webcam. thank God my webcam's resolution is not so good, so i didn't spend too much time with it. hihi.

spending all day on the bed feels like heaven.

see how the hand moves.

i studied physics. and read some stuffs from biology textbooks. i don't know why am i so lazy :/ actually, i AM lazy. but i cannot be like this anymore because my final exam will start on 9.5. i have to get at least 1A and 2B to enter degree. huhu. please, wish me all the best.

i hope i can stop procrastinating soon. soon. soon.

nahhh. my virtual villagers. the population cannot increase anymore because there's not enough huts for them. gonna build one more :B
ps: all my villagers are named after elements in periodic table :B

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