master of self-portrait went to cameron highlands


i was studying when suddenly i got distracted by the internet. i just got back from Cameron Highlands (saje je nak bagitau) and guess who i met there? i met my intec lecturer. luckily he doesn't know me well so i just like 'lari-lari' from him. i was afraid to show up to him there as there's only a week more to my exam and i'm not suppose to waste my time outside.

but going to cameron highlands with family was NOT wasting time.
it is called spending the precious time together.

i uploaded a bunch of photos at facebook (click here for the photos, i'd provided the public link) it was fun. really fun. even though i did not have opportunity to snap myself planking, it's okay. there was nowhere to plank up there. plank on the road and you'll die, digilis kenderaan pacuan empat roda. plank at the strawberry farm and you'll get your shirt dirty. haha.

it was fun fun fun fun fun fun. totally different from my last vacation there, when i was eleven. ahaa. it was nine years ago and many things changed. the weather was cool and the night was freezing. nothing much i can say. it was fun and wonderful, enough said. you don't have to worry about stinky armpit and sweaty clothes after a long walk during the day, because you can walk around in the afternoon with your sweater on. seriously (i did that hihi)

enjoy the pictures :)

<< self portrait all the wayyyyy hahaha (sila muntah selepas tengok)


self-picked-strawberries and strawberries with whipped cream

siblings, without elder brother.


crazy because of the upcoming exam. brr.

goodnight :B

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