review : Aquapix Underwater Camera

hello peeps. have you ever heard about this cute little thing called Aquapix? it is an underwater film camera (yes, it uses films).

i dont have much knowledge about film photography. i started using film cameras (again) when i was eighteen. aquapix is my third film camera (if i am not mistaken). when i went through my dashboard and home (facebook), i found out that many people like this camera so much. some of them posted about this camera on their blogs. and now, i want to do my job as one of the owners of this camera - write review on it.

the camera in this picture is just like mine (sorry i dont have picture of my own camera). i bought it for Rm50. actually, you can get the same type of camera at some giftshops such as S&J at lower price. previously, it was only RM25 but now, it is RM29.90. but all of them are plain with no pictures on it. like mine, i bought it online. so that is why the price is quite higher.

the camera is small and light. so it is easy to carry. this camera uses 35mm film (the ordinary film). there is not much things you can do using this camera. you cannot do multiple exposure or bulb mode. it is focus free. you cannot set the focus, shutter speed or aperture opening. but there is one special thing about it. it comes with waterproof casing so you can take picture underwater (up to 3 meters depth). i tried it several times. but you have to make sure that you dry it properly after using it underwater. if not, the spring inside the shutter button will rust and cause difficulty to snap pictures.

some people call this as "lomo camera". for me, no, it is not. lomography is actually a brand. you can go to to find out more. i think, this camera is more suitable to be called as toy camera. or plastic camera.

i think, that is all for now. if you have any questions, you can ask your friends who know about film cameras. or, yeah, sure you can ask me too. i will be available on my twitter and facebook (you can click the links above) or feel free to ask your questions by mentioning @ at twitter.

before i end this post, take a look at some of the pictures taken by me using this aquapix. by the way, mine is called Bobo :) the first three pictures were taken with kodak elitechrome extracolor iso 100 film, and the rest with lomography color negative iso 400 film.

that's all. thank you :)


Suara Kecil said...

wow! wow! wow! giler lah. exited, trus google benda comel ni. babe, mana lg nk carik selain kt S&J ?? *sumpah exited* huhu

nur diana adilla said...

Macam mana nak keluar kan gambar dia masuk komputer ?

nur diana adilla said...

macam mana nak keluarkan gambar dia letak dalam komputer ?


nice photos. May I ask you a question? what ISO do you recommend to use with this camera because I'm afraid that my photo will be under / overexposed. Thanks in advance :)