Buku Jalanan kali ke-10 Taman Tasik Shah Alam.

hello people. how's your saturday? for me, it was a great Saturday. i went to Buku Jalanan at Taman Tasik Shah Alam. at first we didn't find the place. we walked around the park twice. and only after that we saw a signboard with "buku jalanan" written on it -.-

it was fun, even though we only been there for some minutes. with tired feet, its worth it. i left one of my zines there. if you go to the next buku jalanan event, do search for a zine entitled "sayapatah". it was written by me :B
i think it is quite hard to explain the awesomeness of my Saturday with words. so, just look through the pictures okay :)

me, with my zine and palahotakzine

even cat loves reading

drawing the picture of me err?

ours :)
for full album, kindly follow this link

thank you.

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