cerita bergambar : a year without you

at first i was like

after a month i keep on asking why you leave me

after 2 months you still wont answer me so i decided to move on

3rd month, i was still trying to get you out of my mind

a month later u came back into my life and keep on poking me @ facebook

5th month, i’m fully recovered from the heartbroken

after 6 months, i saw your relationship status @ facebook. “in relationship with…”

7th month, suddenly i felt like killing you, idk why

8th month i think i was strong enough to let you go,

after 9 month, we become friend, again.

after 10 month, seems like i like you, again.

11th month, we text every night before sleep and i fell in love with you again

12th month, i realized that your love was just a lie so things i did when you left me last year, i did it again. poor me. i wont see your face again!


cik bulan said... sama ja kisah..huhu..=.=''..hate that feeling..


haha! berulang ulang ceritanye!

epieorenhijau said...

rindu kt blog ni.heh2.

Anonymous said...

hahaha. suka entry ni.