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I just came back from London two days ago, after almost a week of vacation in London and Iceland (because there is no direct flight from Dublin to Keflavik, so I need to go to London first. so, yeah, why shouldn’t I spend some days in London, right?) I spent about three days and a half in London. My friend from Malaysia asked me to write a post about my journey so here it is!

firstly, I would like to write about flight tickets. I went to London from Dublin, so my flight tickets were much more cheaper than flying from Malaysia, yeah, obviously. If you are coming to London from Ireland or other parts of Europe, you can travel with RyanAir or EasyJet, low cost carriers. they are similar to Air Asia that we have in Malaysia. the price varies, you can get a ticket as cheap as 20 euros one way, but you have to book your flight early. if I am not mistaken, there are at least four airports in London. from Dublin, I flew to Stansted Airport and then from Luton Airport back to Dublin. If you are coming from Malaysia, I guess there are a number of flights go to KLIA to London so no worries. personally, I would like to recommend Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight direct from KLIA to London Heathrow, with Airbus 380. the tickets may be around RM3,000 for return journeys.

from the airport, you can take shuttle bus to central London. I used Terravision. last time I checked, the price is 15£ fro return journey from the airport to the stop of your choice. you can go to Terravision website for more info on the stops and timetables.

I stayed at Malaysia Hall for two nights. in case you guys are wondering, the rates for rooms are cheaper for Malaysian undergraduate students in UK and Ireland. and the canteen, ahhhhh. roti canai, nasi lemak, kuih ketayap, bubur pulut hitam, you name it! and the prices are way cheaper too. (you see, I went to another Malaysian restaurant in London and the foods are quite expensive. 12£ for a plate of char kuey tiauw (kuetiau) and a pint of iced milo is considered overpriced for me *thumbs down*) I spent in average 5£ for one complete meal at Malaysia Hall canteen, with drink and dessert. Malaysia Hall is located at 34, Queensborough Terrace, and can be easily reached by underground tubes. the nearest stops are Queensway and Bayswater. (you can check the room rates at Education Malaysia website)

if you are about to spend around three days in London, I recommend you to buy attraction tickets online. I bought the four attractions tickets (Madame Tussauds, London DUngeon, London SeaLife and London Eye) and managed to go to each one of them in two days. a bit rushing, but it was okay. my favourite of these four is London Dungeon, but Madame Tussauds was okay too. the other two, well, maybe that’s just not for me. haha. the attraction tickets (4 attractions cost 58.08£ when bought online)

transportation. I traveled mostly by tubes and buses. I have an Oyster Card so there’s no need for me to queue to buy tickets. I spent about 30£ for three days. you can easily find maps anywhere in the city but it is best to get the tube map once you arrive at the airport.

besides, I also managed to go to Chelsea (Fulham Broadway) stadium and also Arsenal – Emirates stadium. the stadium tour costs 18£ each, but I did not have chance to tour around Chelsea stadium as it was undergoing renovation at the moment.

so, I guess that’s all for now. if you have anything to ask, do not hesitate to contact me via twitter @runaziluz (because i am wayyyy too active there compared to other social networks)

so, overall, I spent about 300£ for accommodation, flight tickets, attraction tickets and meals, and also some shopping. I bet you can spend less than that if you want to.

these are some useful links

Malaysia Hall:

attraction tickets:

buy oyster card in advance:


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