Delorentos Gig at Vicar Street, 1st November 2013

hello everyone.

so now i am going to write a short review on Delorentos gig that was held at Vicar Street, Dublin on last Friday. two other bands which are The Academic and Cove were also rocking the hall that night. I was there  with two of my friends and we arrived at Vicar Street at around 6.45 p.m. the door was not even open yet at that time so we just joined other fans those were waiting outside Vicar St. at 7 p.m. the door was open. before i went into the hall i bought the band shirt and wore it straight away (just to show how much i like them lol). i stood right in front of the stage even before the gig started.

The Academic was the first performer, followed by Cove. i'm not really sure but i think they sang about three or four song each. as the show went on, people kept on coming into the hall. the huge hall that was quite empty at the beginning was begin to be fully filled. thank God i arrived early and got my place at the front row.

the gig was amayyyyyyyzing. beyond amazing. especially during the closing song - SECRET. everybody was jumping and moshing like there was no tomorrow (including me). Ronan unexpectedly jumped down from the stage and gave high five to everyone in the front row. i went hysterical, like seriously.

nah. i can't find words to describe my feeling at that time. and whenever i think back about that night, i'll be super excited (like now) ahhhh. just see the video(s) and you'll know what exactly happened that night. the crowd was superb! it was the best gig i've ever been in my whole life.

my friends and I

The Academic



Phillip from Cove

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