Travel Log Ais-Ais Kacang #14 : A 'Solo' Journey to Northern Ireland

hello guys!

i am just too excited to write about my awesome weekend. i went to Belfast with the boys. YES i was the only girl, with five other boys, taking bus for almost three hours at night from Dublin to Belfast. we arrived at around 11.30p.m. i slept at their girl friends' house. whew.

i can't arrange proper sentences to show how happy i am now. ah. okay okay. cuba cakap satu-satu. haaa.

on Saturday, we went to a castle (i forgot the name!), and then to Carrick-A-Rede and then to the famous Giant Causeway. it was awesome, really! with the breathtaking scenery. but you know, it's quite hard for a petite (lol) girl to walk together with a group of model-height boys. with their long legs, harems penat nak mengejar woi.

ah sudahlah. nah, gambar. haha.

Queens University of Belfast

castle mende entah


jambatan gantung buat orang cuak. i naik tu okay youalls.

taken by someone who heigh less than 170cm (i think), chinese look, with spectacles. but i don't remember his name. :3

Giant Causeway. haruslah selca sebab gambar lain kat kamera orang. muahahaha.

Queens University of Belfast

excited jumpa pokok jejarum kat Northern ireland

Titanic Belfast museum

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