an emotional post for a mom.

i don't always do this, but when i do, i don't care about how many lecture notes i need to read now for the upcoming examination.

it's true that everyday is mother day. but how many day in the year you truly express your love for your mother, especially when you're far away from her?

you may be the best child in the world who could hug and kiss your mother everyday since birth, but i'm different from you. i wasn't born in a really expressive family so it's quite rare for us to say that we love each other. even if we did, we would go like "eh ni dah kenapa? geli je hahahahaha"

her name is Nor Asiah. she's my first teacher. she's also my teacher when i was six, as she's teaching in a kindergarten in my hometown. she has five children and three of them have got married. she doesn't like to express her feeling; but yet i know she loves us with all of her heart. i can tell by looking back to what we've gone through together.

i know, raising five stubborn children alone is really a hard work; but she managed to do it. she is the toughest lady i've ever knew in my whole life.

i may not be the best daughter to a really wonderful mother like her, but i really love her. yes, i do. i just don't get the chance to tell her everyday.

oh my God i could go emotional if i continue to write about my mother.

I love you mommy :)
your daughter,
Nur Zuliza.