BOOKS FOR SALE and my first nephew

hello people :)

how's life? this will be a very short update.


this is me, holding my very first nephew, Putera Aidil Amri bin Mohd Khairul Anuar bin Zakariya. eheh.

ORIGINAL USED A-LEVEL BOOKS FOR SALE! for chemistry, biology and physics.
do contact me for any question okay. tweet me @cikrunrun or just leave a comment here.
list of books:

AS pearson (green)
AS revision guide
A2 pearson (green)
A2 salters nuffield (orange)
A2 revision guide (fotostat)

AS salters (blue)
A2 salters (blue)
AS & A2 student guide (fotostat)

AS salters (blue)
AS hodder (black)
AS revision guide
A2 pearson (red)
A2 revision guide

all books are original (except those stated). all books are USED (and of course have doodles in it hahahah). all books will be sold at half price or below. SPREAD THE WORDS PLEASE.

thank you :)

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nazu said...

Promoted to the INTEC 2012/14 group :)