imthiyaz vs alrafi

today is monday. pasar malam day. nadia, eva and i went to pasar malam to buy some food. i just bought TAHU MANIS a.k.a taufufa. (am i right?) hihi. and now i am sitting at imthiyaz restaurant and online with the free wifi. whoah !

guess what? the wifi here is much faster than alrafi's. hoho. i am soooo excited. i told my friends that from tomorrow afterwards i want to go here for dinner or lunch, instead of going to alrafi. hehe. ok. today i'm fasting so i think i will go home late. maybe about 8.00 p.m. tonight i will have PHYSIC'S DATE with my classmate, Eva. we are going to do physics lab report. fyi, today is our first day, learning biology, physics and chemistry in a row. whoah! physics is all about the things that we have learnt in highschool. but i think, all of it had been vanished from my mind. ahahaha. i dont even remember how to read the scales :/

for today, i just want to admit that i love you very much :) i dont know why. i just can hate you, cant leave you and cant let you leave me. i really really really love you, even you dont want to love me. hihi. its ok :) luvyah luramaq

bye. come again.

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