new family member and JOHO #01 shirt blue edition

hello :D

how's your day? mine was started with my mom entered my room and asked me where did she put her handphone. it was 4.30a.m. in the morning. i didn't really hear what my mom said at that time. haha.

and when i ACTUALLY wake up on the morning, i found out that our family members have extra one. ahaa. my sister-in-law just gave birth to their first son that will be named Putra Aidil Amri. i want him to call me Auntie Yunyun. cute tak? :P
little Putra Aidil Amri, born at 4.00 a.m. , 10th July 2012.

today is Tuesday. it means that my family and i are going to Universal Studio Singapore tomorrow. i don't know what to bring. passport, checked. cameras, oh yeah i'm charging one of them. maybe i'll bring along three cameras hihi. i just got my JOHO #01 shirt from my friend, Fad and i'll wear it tomorrow. boleh tak? JOHO #01 blue shirt with pink pants and pashmina. nampak macam pelik sangat tak?

the shirt is L size and quite big. but i'm okay with that :B

okay lah. nak tidur. good night :B

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.::TAIKO ::. said...

u got new nephew..i got new cuzzie
haha..luv babies