(sticky post) let's become a writer for one night.

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hello everyone.

i would like to invite all of you to write together with me on 22nd June 2012 night, at your twitter account and my facebook page. your (and mine, of course) writings will be combined and saved into PDF and uploaded into my 4shared account to be downloaded by the whole world. mihmih. don't worry because your name will be written also, kira mcam kredit lah.

the theme is about "sayapatah" and "love" but actually you can write about anything you want. even the word "love" has different meanings to different people. you don't have to write a novel or a super-duper-long stories. 140 characters is enough :P in English or Bahasa Melayu (i prefer BM but it's up to you lah kan hihi)

the "venue" will be at this facebook page (click here) or you just can simply tweet your writings with hashtag #sayapatah on twitter. but as you know your tweets will not be visible for me if they are protected so i really hope you can unprotect them just for one night :B

i'll compile all the writings and upload it and will notify you about it later. it will be two weeks from now so you can start searching for ideas from now :P

okay done. let's invite your friends too. the more the merrier. hihi.

any question, refer here (sayapatah 2 FAQ) or tweet @cikrunrun on twitter. thank you

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two weeks of study leave and exam will start again on this Monday > Physics Unit 4: Physics On The Move. still  didn't do much preparation. yeah, still many things to do and here i am tweeting and blogging and facebooking and writing and doodling like a boss. pfft.
last Sunday i thought i will fully utilize this study leave to STUDY everything but, satan is everywhere and most of them decide to stay here in my room and prevent me from opening my books. kurang ajar betul.


syaza nazura. said...

Nak join nak join nak join, tapi tak faham owhh, terangkan? (:

muhsin.aminudin said...

boleh2, pape lehla gtau kat twitter
@BenKorrie . takut lupe