how to retrieve film leader?

hello bloggie :) since i am going to write a "how to" post, so i think it's better for me to write in English. so, all people can understand, no matter where they are from :)

for your information, i had just successfully retrieved my 35mm Lomography CN 800 film. i'm so happy and proud! hahah. if you ever search about the tutorial to retrieve a film leader, most of them stated that the best way is to use another film. i admit it. why? because films is thin enough to be inserted into the canister opening. besides, films do not break easily.

okay. let's start now. firstly, you have to prepare things that you will need to retrieve the film, such as, scissors, double sided tape, used films (or you can also use papers etc.) make sure that the double sided tape you want to use is strong enough to pull out the film leader :)

1. place some double sided tape at the end of the used film.

2. insert the used film into the canister. it's quite difficult at the beginning as the double sided tape sticks here and there =.="

 3. sorry i dont have picture for the third step :) hm.. after you insert enough used film into the canister (let's make an intelligent guess. i think, 2 or 3 frames are enough), roll the knob on the canister (once again, make intelligent guess on which direction you should go). make sure the used film that you inserted just now is pulled into the canister when you roll the knob. it indicates that the used film has attached to the film leader.

4. slowly pull out the used film from the canister. the film leader will be pulled out as well :)
ok done. actually, it's very easy. i succeeded on the first try! xD anyway, thanks for reading and good luck. haha.

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